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Pumo Mines Robot
Welcome to Pumo Software, a galaxy of gaming dreams and tales and also the home of the Pumo Mines videogame modding project for Descent II (MS-DOS Game from Parallax Software and Interplay)/D2X-XL (A modern sourceport of Descent for Windows/Linux/Mac) and other gaming and creative projects that involve Original Stories, Music and Art.
Pumo Mines Robot
Besides Pumo Mines and Descent related projects you’ll also find information & downloads about all of Pumo‘s/Pumo Software works that involve the fictional ‘Pumosoft universe’ and lore, like R.a.M. Land‘s music, 2D & 3D CG art, Original RPG Maker projects and tales and much more!
Pumo Mines is a project by Rubén ‘Pumo’ A. (and friends) to develop a custom Mission/Mod made for the Descent II classic videogame by Parallax Software and Interplay Entertainment (exclusively for the D2X-XL port). Note it’s still a work in progress. (For more info about the Descent game series, follow this link: What is Descent? )
Pumo Mines Screenshots
The aim of the project is to offer a high-quality singleplayer campaign and mod with high-resolution graphics, sounds, original high-quality music by R.a.M. Land, custom robots, new ships, weapons and much more, all supplemented by a brand new story that will develop on a new universe (known as the Pumosoft Universe) with new characters, situations and places.
Pumo Mines Screenshots
This mission/campaign is divided in three chapters/episodes. Keep scrolling to find complete information about the mission and each of its episodes. Updates and news about the current progress of Pumo Mines and other projects are also available on the Pumo Software Official Blog. Download links can be found near the bottom of this web page.


Episode 1: Mineral Valley – 8 levels + 1 secret Level (Complete episode)
Episode 2: Kartsal Motivation
– 17 levels + 3 secret levels (WIP – 3 levels done)
Episode 3: Muchikuche
– 7 levels (N/A)

All episodes are part of the same campaign and mod, they are NOT separate projects.
You can select your desired episode on the initial hub level. This function is powered by D2X-XL exclusive features.
THE STORY: Many years in the far future, on an Earth without humans and inhabited by a new species of alien beings known as the Yuyu race and in the apex of its technology era, a powerful Earth-based corporation known as the Pumin Mining Corporation has expanded throughout the galaxy, creating mining facilities and top-tech stations on several stellar systems, planets and its moons. Suddenly, after an internal political event in the far Yuilon planet, an outbreak of a computer virus infected many of the robotic assistant mechs used by the PMC, turning them hostile towards everyone and everything, creating chaos and misfortune in many of the mining outposts. The PMC decides to hire some top level mercerany and military pilots to deal with the robotic menace, while trying to discover what triggered the sudden virus spread. Disappeared personnel, weird radio transmissions, the rumour of an ancient interstellar empire emerging again, lots of action and more will be found throughout the exciting adventure of Pumo Mines, exclusively for D2X-XL.
Orbit XC Render
Pumo Mines Briefing Scenes


Pumo Mines Robot
  • 37 Levels (counting all episodes) – Current release (v1.1) features 12 Levels (11 + 1 Secret)
  • Custom Robots & Weapons
  • 4 All new custom Ships – 3 on current release (v1.1)
  • Custom Music & Sounds
  • Custom Graphics & Textures
  • Totally new and original story based on a new universe


Features: 12 Levels (11 +1 secret) + 2 HUB/Transition levels
This includes the full Mineral Valley episode and the first 3 levels of Kartsal Motivation episode.
Pumo Mines comes in a packed .7z archive, you will need either 7-Zip or WinRAR to decompress and install it.
To install you will only need to unpack the entire contents (including its subfolder structure as it is !!) of the archive to your D2X-XL installation folder.
More detailed installation instructions comes in the included PDF manual inside the .7z file.

You will need both D2X-XL and the original Descent II v1.2 game data to be able to play Pumo Mines.
System Requirements:
  • 2 GHz CPU
  • At least 2048MB RAM (perhaps more for future releases)
  • OpenGL Video Card with at least 1024MB VRAM
  • 64-bit Windows for latest stable D2X-XL release
  • 1.57 GB free space for Pumo Mines mission/mod
  • 16:9 aspect ratio screen resolution (at least 1280×720 recommended)
  • Descent II v1.2 game data
  • Arne‘s updated and more stable D2X-XL v1.18.74-ar8 or later (RECOMMENDED) 👈︎
    … or …
  • Original karx11erx/Diedel‘s D2X-XL v1.18.74 or later (not tested with versions older than 1.18.74)
  • D2X-XL Hires Sound pack installed (get it from here or here)
Note: for faster level loading times it’s recommended to set your D2X-XL lighting setting to Standard.
Lightmaps are not mandatory and totally not recommended for Pumo Mines.


You can download D2X-XL from either Arne’s Github or Diedel’s Official Website, or directly from mirror links hosted here in Pumo Software.

D2X-XL v1.18.74-ar9 (for 64-bit Windows)

D2X-XL Hi-Res Sound Pack
Needed for Pumo Mines sound effects to work correctly
You may get weird sound artifacts if this pack is not installed !!

D2X-XL recommended settings and player profile
Config files with optimized settings and custom player profile to be used with Pumo Mines (fully customizable)

Original D2X-XL:

D2X-XL v1.18.77 (Diedel’s Windows version)
D2X-XL v1.18.76 (Diedel’s Linux version)

D2X-XL Game Data v1.18.64
(Download the game data for use with the Linux version, not needed for the Windows one)
D2X-XL Source Code @ Sourceforge
Original D2X-XL was developed by ‘Diedel’ Dietfrid Mali

Get better visuals for Pumo Mines and D2X-XL with ReShade and its custom preset designed for it.
With this preset you will get anti-aliasing, sharpness, vibrance, bloom, fake HDR and some other effects (just be sure to download and install most of ReShade shaders as it uses effects from different shader packages).
More Pumo Mines and Pumo Software related stuff:
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