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Forest Fantasy by R.a.M. Land

Forest Fantasy

Back on 2017 I released (as R.a.M. Land, my artistic name) the Forest Fantasy song.

It’s a soothing ‘new age‘ (although I rather prefer the term ‘World Music‘) piece of music that combines Zheng harp sounds with Andean flutes, accordeon and other multi-ethnic and synth instruments.

Highly inspired by Asian and South American ethnic music, I think you will find that it also has a strong Jazzy influence and borrows heavy inspiration from Andreas Vollenweider music style (one of my favorite composers of all times and a prominent electric harp player).

If you would like to, you can give a listen to this Forest Fantasy song in the following video:

The song itself tries to depict a deep semi-tropical forest, but a misty misterious one, beautiful and dreamy at the same time, as if it came from a distant memory on our minds.

If you liked it enough you may also want to buy it from my official R.a.M. Land website. 😉

I will be sharing more of my songs in a near future, hope you have enjoyed this release!
In the meantime you can also check the Pumo Mines Soundtrack release, that was made for my Pumo Mines modding project.

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