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My happy day of BTS PTD Live concert on cinema

BTS Live Concert

BTS, the best K-Pop band ever

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan, what can I say about this popular K-Pop boy band?
Well, I can safely say that it’s my favorite K-Pop group ever, hahaha.

I think that I can confidently consider myself an Army guy, even if it’s a rare sight to behold. 😄
I’ve been listening to K-Pop since 10 years and I can put BTS side by side (and slightly on top of) with other of my favorite bands from the genre, like Big Bang, EXO or Teen Top.

Even as much as I would love to attend a live concert of BTS in person, I’m not able to do so due to several reasons.

So as an Army guy I decided to attend the projection of the Permission To Dance – On Stage Live concert that was cast out on Cinemas the 12th of March of this year (2022), and man, was such a great ride!

BTS in Concert

Bangtan Boys concert on the Cinema

Even if it was through a cinema screen, this concert was simply superb!
Listening to Boy With Luv, Fake Love, Telepathy and Black Swan live performances through the cinema’s audio system was so cool, if I have the opportunity I would really like to repeat this experience in the future, asuming that there might be more ‘cinema concerts’ like this.

Black Swan performed by BTS
Telepathy performed by BTS

The main highlight of this concert was in my opinion the Black Swan performance, loved how our Bangtan Boys danced and sang to that song (that is one of my favorite songs, by the way).

The Telepathy performance was also very cool.
I can safely say that it was really good concert, I would give it a 100/100 with no doubt.

Bangtan Boy Jimin
Permission To Dance Concert

Collectible BTS postcard bonus

Overall it was a pretty good experience, and as a bonus I also got a collectible postcard from the Cinema, so it was indeed a very happy day to me. 😁✌️

BTS postcard

This is my first entry on the Pumo’s Daily Life Off-Topic category from this Blog.
Hopefully this will bring more life to it, as I already planned many entries like this that I would like to write in a not-so-far future, so I can keep the site a bit more ‘active‘.

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  1. OMG, my favorite group ever!
    Glad to see you made an article about my beloved boys, Yoongi babe is the best! <3

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