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Pumo Mines v1.1 just got released!

Pumo Mines v1.1

Finally, after more than ten years and some highs and lows, I’m able to release a new Pumo Mines version!

Pumo Mines is divided in three episodes: Mineral Valley, Kartsal Motivation and Muchikuche. Each episode can be selected from the initial Hub level (made by Lightwolf)

The current release (v1.1) includes the full Mineral Valley episode that has 8 levels + 1 secret level, and the first 3 levels of Kartsal Motivation that everyone knows but revamped and remastered.
Muchikuche episode is still not available (there are no complete levels for it yet).

This new Pumo Mines version also features lots of new custom high quality textures, sounds and 3D models, as well as new music.
As always it requires D2X-XL (there’s no DXX-Rebirth version as it’s exclusively designed for D2X-XL and its special features and modding capabilites, sorry)


Download size is 421 MB and it’s a packed .7z archive, so be sure to have either 7-Zip or Winrar to decompress and install it.
To install you will only need to unpack the entire contents (including subfolders as it is) of the archive to your D2X-XL folder.
More detailed instructions comes in the included PDF manual inside the .7z file.

Some screenshots of this release (using ReShade effects)

Pumo Mines planned and current features:

  • 37 Levels (counting all episodes) – Current release (v1.1) features 12 Levels (11 + 1 Secret)
  • Custom Robots & Weapons
  • 4 All new custom Ships – 3 on current release (v1.1)
  • Custom Music & Sounds
  • Custom Graphics & Textures
  • Totally new and original story based on a new universe

System requirements:

  • 2 GHz CPU
  • At least 2048MB RAM (perhaps more for future releases)
  • OpenGL Video Card with at least 1024MB VRAM (most textures are 256×256, with a few 512×512 and 1024×1024 ones)
  • 1.57 GB Free HD space for Pumo Mines mission/mod
  • 16:9 aspect ratio screen resolution (at least 1280×720 recommended)
  • Descent II v1.2 game data
  • D2X-XL v1.18.74 (not tested with other versions)
  • D2X-XL Hires Sound pack installed (get it from here or here)

You will get weird sound artifacts if the Hires Sound pack is not installed first!

As you may noticed Pumo Mines is BIG (at least for Descent 2 standards) due to its high quality custom content, so be sure to have plenty of hard drive space.
Also note that Pumo Mines and specifically the Mineral Valley episode is hard even on Rookie and Hotshot (not TEW hard but still…), so play on it on higher difficulties at your own risk, lol.
For faster level loading times I would recommend to set your D2X-XL lighting setting to Standard (Lightmaps are not mandatory for Pumo Mines anyways).

There are still some issues and bugs here and there (mainly when using full warp appearance effect), specially with a couple of teleporters but it’s not something I can fix on my side.
Also due to the player spawn points that changes according to your progress on each level there might be situations where you might spawn near attacking robots, so also take that in account when using full warp appearance setting.
However I tried to make safe spawn points specially at the very start of levels (as suggested by Alter-Fox), except a bit on level 8 of Mineral Valley (as it’s a bit of a ‘risky’ entrance).

If you encounter some bugs feel free to contact me on any of my social network accounts or by E-mail.

If you wish you can improve Pumo Mines and D2X-XL visuals with ReShade and the preset I made specifically for it.
You can get the preset here: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/11618/

Now a couple of briefing scenes to make you interested, hehehe:

And the ships you will be flying on this release:

Hope you will enjoy this all new and shiny Pumo Mines release!

For more info please visit my Pumo Software website.
To check the soundtrack of Pumo Mines and other of my songs be sure to visit my Bandcamp website.

You can also check current Pumo Software releases in the Releases section of this blog.

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