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Favorite MS-DOS Games

MS-DOS Games

So in the same way I made a Favorite PC Games list, I think that as a retro-computing enthusiast and gamer since the good old MS-DOS era I should make a list of the games for MS-DOS that I think are the best ones to play.

Yeap, Descent is listed again, but what can I do, I’m a total Descent freak and it’s from that era, so…

Although I admit that the nostalgia factor may have some influence on how the list is made, most of the listed games hold up pretty well even today.

MS-DOS Games
TOP (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): ‘Alley Cat’, ‘Descent’
BOTTOM (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): ‘Stargunner’, ‘Digger’

My favorite MS-DOS Games ever

So check out this fine selection of what I personally think are the best MS-DOS games (click on the name of the game to get more info and to buy/download/play it):

MS-DOS Games
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘Stonekeep’, ‘CHASM – The Rift’, ‘Alien Rampage’
MS-DOS Games
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘Abuse’, ‘Cyberia’

Many of these games can be found at GOG.com and run using DOSBox (a pretty good DOS emulator), while others have a couple of source ports available that make them able tu run seamlessly on modern computers using Windows or Linux.

PCem is another neat option to play old DOS games as it features some low-level hardware emulation (to a certain extent).

In Archive.org, Abandonia, DOSGames.com and My Abandonware you can also find some of the older games ready to play or download.

There are many other MS-DOS games that I like very much and worth a mention like Scooter’s Magic Castle (this one is for children), Prince of Persia 1 & 2, Cyberia 2: Resurrection, Rise of the Triad, Heretic, Hexen, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D.

‘Prince of Persia’ and ‘Wolfenstein 3D’

For more info about Descent, check here:
What is Descent?

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