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Top Favorite PC Games

Top Games for PC

Hello everyone, Pumo here!
Being a PC gamer since the 1990s, I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of games that I personally think are pretty good for this platform.

I’m mostly a solo player, so most of the games I enjoy are not online or multiplayer based, but nonetheless, I thought I should make a top list of the games I enjoy the most.

Perhaps you might find it interesting or would like to check some of the games I play and enjoy up to this day.
Take it as a ‘discovery list’ or as some kind of recommendation list if you wish, hehe.

My personal favorite PC Games list

So, without further ado, this is my top favorite PC game list (at least for now!)

Top Games for PC

Of course I also play a huge lot of many other games, but I think these are the ones that are worthy to be on a top listing, even if some of them are not precisely the most recent.
(Currently I’m looking forward to play Doom Eternal, that I’m 99.9% positive that it will be featured on my list)

Here you can see a couple of gameplay videos of some of my favorite games:

I Hope you have enjoyed this list and that you might find on it something you haven’t played yet and would like to try out.

For more info about Descent and Overload, check here:
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1 thought on “Top Favorite PC Games”

  1. Interesting list, many of these games are very good, but I haven’t been able to play all of them yet.
    Never heard about Overload though.

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